Every little step taken today is geared to help take flight, and stay true to your dreams...We have lived by our commitment to be a partner to all our clients in providing “CUSTOMIZED AND ENERGY EFFICIENT” cooling solutions since 1987.

We utilize our rich repository of technical knowledge gained over 20 years in creating wide spectrum of “ENERGY EFFICIENT, COMPACT AND CUSTOMIZED” cooling towers, used for heat dissipation in various Industrial Application and Plants.


We manufacture cooling towers like Induced Draft FRP Round Cooling Tower, Induced Draft FRP Square cooling tower, Fanless Fillless (Zero maintenance) Induced Draft Cooling Towers. Our range of cooling towers is known for its superior functionality, consistent performance and energy efficiency. The effective use of quality raw materials enables us to offer to our clients a wide range of products like:

  • Assured performance
  • R eliable Service
  • Trouble Free Operation
  • Energy Saving Design
  • Compactness and Sturdiness
  • High Performance

The durability of our cooling towers is measured in decades. Superior designs ensure the most reliable, energy efficient products.

We are also proud to say that 88% (Source : Internal Study Report 2005-2007) of our clients place repeat orders to us for their various expansion plants reposing faith in our prompt and accurate solutions.


Our extensive industry experience, services of experienced professionals and availability experienced service team enables us to manufacture around 200 cooling towers per year. Further it also enables us to successfully undertake the task of renovation, servicing and remodeling of cooling systems. Apart from these services, we also provide to our clients assistance in selecting the proper model & size of cooling towers that suit their particular work requirements based on the prevailing location and atmospheric conditions.