Fanless, Energy Saver induced Draft, FRP Cooling Tower

The Fanless, Filless Induced Draft design has been developed after a detailed research and analysis of the engineering design. This design allows a substantial saving in Power Consumption. Also, the common problems of breakdown and maintenance of Cooling Tower are eliminated to a large extent with this design..

Specialized Design Cooling Towers from ARTECH

  • ARTECH COOLING TOWERS are developed on the principal of an advanced spray technology. The size of the droplet is controlled so as to facilate an increased rate of evaporation without compromising on the drift loss.
  • The need for a fan is eliminated by specialized jet spray ejector nozzles. This provides a maintenance free operation due to the absence of any moving parts.
  • The requirement of packing is eliminated in this design. This reduces the replacement and maintenance required due to clogging, chocking, life span of packing or, any such problems in a packed cooling tower.
  • The tower is constructed from FRP / FRP LINED / HDG material. This increases the life span of the cooling tower.

The success of the design is evident from the numerous installations running successfully across the country.

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